I SEE DETROIT Community Public Walking Tour



Actual tour through the streets and landmarks of Detroit learning the rich history and awesome stories of our Great city. For those that choose to bring their cameras, there will be opportunities to capture great photographs of some of the best landmarks this side of our nation.

We will start our tour at Campus Martius wearing our official "I SEE DETROIT" T-shirts that will be available for everyone when arriving before hand. After some friendly preliminaries and a little camera training from some of our great MPW instructors (for those that bring cameras), we will start on a fun filled educational experience around the city of Detroit while getting to know the other attendees. It's an experience like none other. I have to admit, I've lived in Detroit all of my life and I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know much of anything about my city...But now that I know, I've found out that DETROIT IS AMAZING!

Many of us have roots and history here. And I thought it would be an exceptional way to get community together to enjoy each other and a great piece of our existence.