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What does COURAGE look like?
Thursday, March 13, 2014
What M.A.P.P. has done in less than a year for the Industry of Photography

Well...I'll answer that question for you. Courage looks like a teenage girl named Maia Wright who on Friday March 7, 2014 lost her battle with colon cancer.I was all set to write a blog post on my experience at WPPI 2014 in Las Vegas and how cool it was to be a speaker and talk about all of the cool people I met and how it was such a boost for my career... but all that can now wait until next week. I was busy in this season making plans for the rest of my life in photography when I received a text that told me that Maia passed away in her sleep. Ironically, I was at a funeral when I received word and I began to weep, not necessarily because I was sad but because of the impact she had on my life in the very short time that I knew her.February 2013 is when she found out she had colon cancer and because she went to Renaissance High School in Detroit (my alma mater), I really wanted to engage somehow. Found out that Maia had to...1. Leave school immediately2. Undergo chemo therapy and blood transfusions consistently and aggressively3. Finish her education at home while undergoing treatment4. Mom Jamilah Perkins decided to leave work to take care of Maia full time while also taking care of two small children (Maia's brother and sister :))(Maia showing her necklace, a bead was added for every procedure she had undergone) The family had no health insurance to pay mounting ...

YOUR IMAGE SPEAKS... When you're not there to speak for yourself!
Thursday, February 06, 2014
What M.A.P.P. has done in less than a year for the Industry of Photography

Well Shawn...what makes you say that?Fact is your image whether it's on a business card, your website, facebook, twitter, foursquare or any other social media or media platform gets a ton more mileage and views than you will ever get walking through your 24 hour day and showing everyone you come in contact with your beautiful face. :)Just on Facebook alone Google now estimates that about 590 million unique users on are requesting a staggering 840 billion pages every month, excluding application pages, which translates to 1,423 pages per user per month. That means 38.5% of the users on the Internet are using Facebook in some way. The average user visits Facebook 41 times per month, which gives the site 24 billion visits per month.So what does all of this mean for my new or existing Business, Start-up or Venture?Believe it or not, perception of who you are and how you conduct business as a professional is perceived from the images people see of you regardless of whether they've met you are not. (i.e Headshots, Photos, Logos, websites, business cards)Personally speaking, I would not have even gotten phone calls from some of my top clients if the imagery they saw on my website, social media sites and google searches were'nt first class. And believe me, anyone seriously considering doing business with you WILL SEARCH YOU OUT! Most companies said they were 75% sure of ...

Sunday, January 26, 2014
What M.A.P.P. has done in less than a year for the Industry of Photography

Had a great time at Imaging USA this year. The annual photography conference which hosts up to 10,000 pro and enthusiast photographers from around the globe, took place in Phoenix, AZ January 12-14 at the beautiful Phoenix Conference Center.I was honored to be able to speak and do a "live" shoot on Miller's Professional Imaging stage this year...IT WAS AWESOME! I taught on "Cutting Edge HS Senior Portraiture: From consult to final output" and "Thinking Outside the Box". And Brandon Heiss and the team at Westcott provided the innovative continuous lighting system called ICELIGHTS. And for the latest and greatest in the tech world and the utmost in Adobe education and training, please check out Terry White's Tech Blog! Really want to thank him for helping the live shoot take place. This dude rocks and I'm honored he's a friend. Thanks T! I have to say, for any photographer looking to take their craft to the next level, meet new people, learn great and amazing techniques, refine your skillset, and learn from the best in the game, I would highly recommend going to Imaging USA and conferences like it. This experience over the past few years have caused me to really refine my brand and ability. I have started more worthwhile business relationships than I ever have doing this on my own and not attending these conferences. I will now be attending WPPI in Las Vegas this year ...

The True Spirit of Detroit - A great guy named Bobby
Thursday, November 01, 2012
What M.A.P.P. has done in less than a year for the Industry of Photography

 A few weeks ago I posted on social media my encounter with Bobby a homeless man who pan handles in and around Metro Detroit. I decided to repost with a photograph I took of Bobby with his permission.--Talked to Bobby, a homeless guy that pan handles off the Lodge 8 mile service drive Detroit/Southfiled, MI border. I asked him, "Why do you dance and bow before people and seem to be happy all the time being homeless?" His answer, "When it's hot outside I sleep on rocks, when it's cold I try to get enough money to get a room, most times I do, sometimes I don't...but every morning I wake up, I'm grateful because God has given me another chance, so I dance." His statement brought tears to my eyes. How dare I ever be down on my luck when a man who has not much to his name still finds cause to be grateful and filled with joy.Ladies and Gentlemen, this what I see when I SEE DETROIT. It is this type of attitude among the people here that I find more often than not. It shows that you're environment doesn't have to dictate to you, your attitude does. Awesome guy with an awesome outlook on life. I learned something from Bobby that day.

Life on Assignment
Tuesday, May 08, 2012
What M.A.P.P. has done in less than a year for the Industry of Photography

The more I live, the more I realize that this life doesn't belong to me. To some people that may sound really weird, but it's the truth. I realize now more than ever that there are those that paved a way and laid a foundation before me so I can walk on something solid. My life is made up of accomplishments built on foundations that other people laid. Wow, what a thought! How dare I take credit for anything I've done. There have been men slain, women working four and five jobs just to barely make it while raising families, communities have marched and stood in the face of oppression, demanded education when it was vehemently denied and died holding on to a resolve that life will be better for forth coming generations...All holding on to one great galvanizing factor. GOD! In all of the history that I read of people overcoming great ordeals and standing when they should had given up long ago, was their belief in the Great GOD Almighty who had assigned them to stand in the face of wrong and was on their side. A God that built a people for endurance so in the end they could show that there certainly is a God that really exist.In today's generation, we give up so quickly and there is such a lack of resolve. People don't fight like they used to for marriages and children and families and relationships and businesses. My belief is this... If the belief in God got my ancestors through ...