What M.A.P.P. has done in less than a year for the Industry of Photography
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Friday, December 07, 2018

Report on MAPP and Rock That Photography Conference & TradeShow progress and talking about the ANNUAL DIVERSITY MEETING at Imaging USA 2019 Conference on #MartinLutherKingJr Day! 1-21-19 1pm-3pm. RSVP for Annual Diversity Meeting by MAPP at Imaging USA 2019 - MLK's 'Dream' was to see all nationalities and races of people work together for equal footing not just as strangers, but also as family...people who actually care about each other. The work the Multicultural Association of Professional Photographers is doing is Working! Since we started almost a year ago, we've had 2 photographers go full time as Professional photogs from other stable professions, 3 amongst our ranks receive their (CPP) and Craftsman of Photography Degree, 1 started shooting for an NFL Team and a slew of Photographers whose skillsets have greatly increased and are becoming more comfortable photographing and charging money for their craft. All while crafting a community of people who look out for and invest in each other. My heart is over joyed and overwhelmed. Thank you to all who have supported the vision of providing a covering and place of professionalism for multiple nationalities in the industry of Photography!

Professional Photographers of America, Stephen Scott Thetford, Jenn Lewis, Audrey Woulard, Terry White, Terrell Lloyd, Debra Radell, Troy Schroeder, David Trust, Angela Talentino Kurkia,n Scott Kurkian, Jason Groupp, Julia Boyd, Jacqueline Tobin, Ralph Romaguera, Mike Fulton, Suzy Roberts Fulton, Jeff Rojas, Chris Garcia, Tracy Bosworth Page, Joey Thomas, Robin Janson, Marco Antonio Henry, Amy Enderle, Paul Rotter, Marsha Thomas, Hajj Flemings and a whole lot of industry people and companies who have supported every step of the way not named here. I appreciate you all. Thank you!

Please take this opportunity to look at my TED Talk entitled 'Becoming More Than Just'. https://youtu.be/dgCQGv3VoB8 
It shows the spirit of what we are doing as an affiliate and conference. NO PERSON IS SUCCESSFUL ON THEIR OWN, IT TAKES PEOPLE TO LIFT OTHER PEOPLE. Thank you. 


The launch of the Multicultural Association of Professional Photographers at the Apple Store 2018. Learn about the mission of MAPP and who it's for!

TED Talk about MAPP's Mission

Shawn Lee, CEO & President of MAPP talks about its mission and its Annual Convention - The ROCK THAT Photography Conference & Tradeshow.

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