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Here I am World!
Thursday, April 26, 2012

With the launch of my very first blog, I look forward to posting relevant industry and career based information in the area of photography and graphics, personal highlights and FAILURES (For I believe sustained success in any area of life is learned from the lessons that failure has taught us) ...and examples of passion, energy and drive which is the fuel that keep dreams moving at UNBELIEVABLE velocities.  A LITTLE ABOUT ME...I am a happily married man to Shana of 15 years. I LOVE MY WIFE!I LOVE FAMILYI LOVE PEOPLEI LOVE COMMUNITYI LOVE TO SERVEI LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY (Canon for Life Baby!) I STILL LOVE NIKON SHOOTERS:)I LOVE GRAPHICSI LOVE TEACHINGI LOVE TO LAUGHI LOVE TO HAVE FUNI LOVE MY CITYI LOVE GOOD FOOD (please pray for me, this is not neccesarily a good thing)I LOVE LIFEMOST OF ALL.. I LOVE MY GOD! (Without Him, none of what I've done means anything)